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We are pleased to be able to offer pest control services in South East London that are based on green technology. Environmentally responsible pest control means that you can have effective pest control services while reducing the risk to your family, pets, and the environment. Please ask about our bio green pest control services today!

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Fitzrovia Pest Control

Fitzrovia quartier lies north of Soho and it’s situated partially in the city of Westminster and partially in the Borough of Camden. This inner London neighborhood has a dense mix of commercial, residential, healthcare, education, and recreational properties. Famous personalities lived in Fitzrovia. Virginia Woolf and Bernard Shaw lived in the same house at different times. Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan used to play at local pubs.

Fitzrovia is a bustling quarter home to creative industries, a fancy restaurant scene, student accommodations, and numerous pests that cause serious infestation problems to commercial and residential properties. Mice, rats, bedbugs, cockroaches, cockroaches, moths, and other bugs are commonly found in the neighborhood.

BIOACTIVE pest control provides safe pest treatment and proofing services for all types of pests. Call us on 0203 405 3323 if you suspect the presence of pests on your property.

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Pest Control London from Bioactive Pest Control

Get rid of all pests in residential and commercial properties in a safe and environmentally friendly way

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Welcome to Bioactive Pest Control. We are a leading local pest control service provider serving homes, businesses, landlords, and letting agents in the Greater London, Kent, Sussex, and the South Coast.


We identify and get rid of all pest types including:

  • Mice, Rats, & Rodent control
  • Bed bug extermination and control
  • Cockroach extermination and control
  • Eliminating crawling insects like spiders, ants, fleas & woodworm
  • Moth, mosquito, midges, bees, and wasp control

We use safe and non-toxic techniques and products to protect your family, children, and pets. Our eco-friendly pest treatments and property fumigation pest control methods are suitable for apartments and homes, village homes, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, shelters, housing dorms, offices, restaurants and bars, schools, libraries, theaters, buses, caravans, cars, and lorries, etc.

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from One-Time, Monthly, Quarterly and Semi-Annual, and Annual pest control service plans. Our exterminators will work efficiently and quickly to remove all unwanted pest visitors. However, don’t wait until pests make turn your property into their home.

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If you have a pest issue or want to avoid a future one, contact our team of experts to help you. Call Bioactive Pest Control at 0203 405 3323 or contact us online to get a free quotation.

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24/7 Pest Control Company in The Greater London, Kent, Sussex & South Coast.

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    24/7 Pest Control Company in The Greater London, Kent, Sussex & South Coast.

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