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Air Bricks Cover & Mesh Installation

Air Bricks Cover & Mesh Installation

Air Bricks Cover & Mesh Installation

Rats, mice and other pests looking for food and warmth will easily find their way into your home or business through air brick vents. Mice are famous for their ability to squeeze through tiny spaces, as small as 6mm. That’s about the normal diameter size of a pen. If the bricks of your air vent have holes about the size of a pen, then you have the answer to how mice made it inside your property. Moreover, rats despite their larger size can also squeeze through 20mm holes. They are also able to chew through plastic air bricks until they make it inside an area where they can nest and find food.

 Nobody wants to have mice or rats inside their property as they cause considerable damage, contaminate food, and chew up wiring, which can lead to fires, and spread diseases.

Why waste time setting rodent traps or even worse shoveling out dead mice when you can avoid nuisance pests completely.

Pest-proof your house or business with air brick covers

Air brick covers are a simple yet effective solution to keep your homes and businesses pest-free. They deal with the key reason why you might find insects and rodents such as mice and rats inside your property: entry points. Any hole or opening that’s large enough can be an entry point for rodents.

Windows that don’t seal properly, pipes, walls and foundations, roofs, and air brick vents are common entry points for rodents.

The professionals at BIOACTIVE Pest Control are experts when it comes to pest-proofing solutions for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial environments. They address, handle, and manage all sorts of situations from routine inspections to serious pest control emergencies. No matter the seriousness of your situation, they will make sure to deter pests from entering your property again by identifying and blocking all entry points.

BIOACTIVE Pest Control offers prime air brick cover solutions of robust materials. They are designed to prevent mice, rats, and other pests from accessing your property without compromising air circulation or aesthetics.

Air Brick and Rodent Mesh installation

Covers for air brick vents are pest deterrents specially designed to stop rodents and pests. Air bricks and rodent mesh consist of strong materials. This affordable pest proofing solution provides a long solution. Mice and rats cannot chew through good-quality mesh despite their strong teeth. A good stainless steel mesh with tiny gaps will make it very difficult for rodents to get their teeth around it.

Installation of rodent mesh on air brick covers is an easy and fast process that can be done without affecting normal activity in your business. However, if you have other openings in your building that need to be isolated, rodent mesh can be a great material due to its strength.

Our experts can install an air brick on different types of openings without impacting the aesthetic appeal of your building.

Don’t wait until mice and rats become a major issue. If you live close to a park, a farm, or your neighbor has a garden, consider the isolation of air brick vents and you are never going to have an issue with unwanted mice and rats.


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