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Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bugs Control

Beg bugs are bugging you?

#1 Bed Bug Pest Control Company in London?

Eco-friendly solution covering all London areas
Perfect solution for the residential flats, apartments,
& commercials such as hostels, hotels and student accommodation.

Bedbugs are one of the most annoying creatures that anyone would love to kill off. These parasitic insects feed on human blood at night making you lose your precious sleep or worst leave you with an adverse skin reaction from their bite.

Bed Bug infestations can cause serious problem to your health. BedBugs may not transmit disease but they have been known to cause severe distress, loss of sleep and allergic reactions from their bites.

It is hard to control bedbugs without professional help. But BIOACTIVE PEST CONTROL makes it easy for you. We consist of a team of professional Bed Bug exterminators with years of practice and skill in tackling Bed Bug infestations throughout London, Kent, Essex and South Coast areas.

Eco-friendly Bed Bug Control

Our eco-friendly bedbugs control service is careful and thorough professional and it is 100% safe for children and pests. Our approach to control bed bugs consists of different methods for extermination of Bed Bug infestation. Our team will inspect your home concentrating on the sleeping areas. Most of the times, they are found in bed bases, mattresses, crevices and even behind pictures on the wall.

Suitable for Commercial & Residential

We provide eco-friendly treatment solutions for a wide range of clients from home to businesses owners throughout the Greater London, Kent, Sussex, South Coast. Our insect pest treatment is suitable for:

  • Family home & Apartments

  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

  • Hotels, Hostels & Hospitality

  • Schools & Educational Facilities

  • Busses, Caravans, Cars and Lorries

Eco Friendly Bedbug control London
Bed bug problem in London

Bedbug Treatment

We can start our bedbugs treatment once the population is located. After tracking down the harborages, we use safe insecticides to exterminate bedbugs, once and for all.

BIOACTIVE PEST CONTROL is dedicated in providing a bespoke and friendly service. We assure you, your bed bug problem will be control fast and efficient in no time!

For immediate assistance, you can contact us right away!

Guaranteed Same Day Eradication of Bed Bugs.

The eco-friendly treatment method is guaranteed same day eradication of all type of insects which it is safe, environmentally friendly, highly-effective.


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