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Fleas Control

Fleas Control

Encountering a flea epidemic?

Flea free zone for you and your pets

Keep your house, business, and pet environment flea-free
Safe & Eco-friendly solution covering all London areas

Flea-control tailored solutions for all types of properties, residential,
commercial, retail, industrial, leisure, healthcare, and other facilities.

Control, extermination, and prevention of fleas in flats, apartments,
hostels, hotels, student accommodations, vehicles, etc.

Controlling fleas and ticks around your property is not as simple as spraying them off or bathing your dog. Controlling these types of infestations needs serious attention. Fleas spread quickly from one host to another and can be dangerous if treatment is delayed. Don’t underestimate them. Regardless of their size fleas and ticks are dangerous pests and a serious concern for your home, pets, or business.

If you detect a flea infestation, you’ll want to deal with the problem safely and effectively.

Although the idea of having such tiny pests around your property or sucking the blood of your beloved pet can creep you out, understanding how to deal with them properly is crucial. First, you need to know that fleas are not host-specific. This is the reason why they spread on different mammal and avian hosts. Even though they might bite you, fleas don’t live on humans. At least the majority of them. There is indeed one type of flea, Pulex Irritans (human flea) that feeds on humans. Besides being an annoyance, fleas can spread serious diseases both to humans and animals. When a flea bites it doesn’t only drink your or your pet’s blood. It also injects saliva into your bloodstream. Human diseases associated with fleas include typhus, cat scratch disease, and occasionally tapeworms.

On the other hand, tick-borne diseases include tick encephalitis and Lyme disease. Infected ticks can be found in woodlands and grassy areas all over the UK. According to Public Health England, about 3,000 people are annually diagnosed with Lyme disease.

If you have a pet and live close to a park or have a small garden, you might as well have some unwanted pests living on your property or pet. You can also suffer from a flea infestation even if you don’t have a pet.

What we do

At BIOACTIVE PEST CONTROL, we offer several flea control options. Our treatments consist of a safe and efficient pest management process meant to completely eradicate fleas from your property.

After thoroughly inspecting the areas for the treatment, we make sure that everything is safe before we start the treatment. The treatment includes putting formulations around the property and use of special dust on the roof void and subfloor. Our treatment also focuses on areas inside your home or business like hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas, and under furniture where fleas are known to dwell as well as outside areas like patios, balconies, verandas, terraces, pavilions, etc.

Our flea pest control treatments have been thoroughly tested over time and are very effective and won’t pose a danger to your family or pets. The pesticides we used are safe and eco-friendly. We only strive to use the safest products available to get rid of fleas and pests around your home.

Eco-friendly Flea & Tick Control

To eradicate fleas, BIOACTIVE PEST CONTROL would like your help and cooperation to ensure a flea-free zone for you and your pets.

Please ensure your pet is being treated for fleas. It would be a waste of money if you ask for flea management services if you don’t treat their source. Formulations are available from the Supermarket or Vet which are effective and safe for your pet. A flea bath can also ensure to help get rid of the fleas from your pet. There are special services available for flea baths.

Wash bedding in hot water, even your pet’s bedding as well. Another important thing is to vacuum the hard floor surfaces, carpets, and rugs. Double bag the content of the vacuum cleaner before disposing of them. In cases of severe flea infestations, you might need to dispose of your pet bed or toys.

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  • Suitable for Commercial & Residential
Eco Friendly Bedbug control London
Flea & Tick in London

Suitable for Commercial & Residential

Our eco-friendly insect pest treatment is suitable for:

  • Family home & Apartments

  • Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

  • Hotels, Hostels & Hospitality

  • Schools & Educational Facilities

  • Busses, Caravans, Cars and Lorries

Guaranteed Eradication of Fleas & Ticks.

The pest treatment method is guaranteed same-day eradication of all types of insects which is safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective compared to the chemical methods where it may take weeks and the results will not be the same.


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