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Although squirrels & rodents are only small in size, they can pose big problems for you and your property. Their ability to reproduce rapidly, surviving on the tiniest amounts of nourishment means they are able to multiply in virtually any environment in next to no time so if you spot a rodent, there will usually be more.

Due to their four teeth growing throughout their life, the rodents instinctively gnaw and grind their teeth on something hard to keep their teeth worn down. Unfortunately for us, the objects that they tend to gnaw are many things in and around our properties.

Squirrel & Rodent Pest Control

If you have identified a rodent problem in your home or business, the next stage is to address it. BIOACTIVE PEST CONTROL services include a number of ways to tackle a problem with any type of rodents such rats or mice in your property no matter if a commercial or residential. You don’t need to be an expert on how to get rid of rats and mice without our expert exterminators on hand. After assessing your property, they can recommend and implement the best method to control the problem. We ensure that the methods used are safe for your family or your employees.

Identifying a Rodent Problem

Before you call for any extermination services, you need to determine if you have a rodent problem. You don’t need to be an expert to pick up on the signs of a mouse or rat infestation. Here are few signs:

  • One of the first things you might notice is certain noises.
  • You might hear scratching beneath the floorboards or in the walls.
  • Black rats are excellent at climbing and can get into loft spaces.
  • Mice can squeeze through the smallest holes.
  • Another sign to watch out for is droppings.
  • You could also see holes, nests, and even footprints.
  • Another, much more obvious sign, is seeing a live or dead mouse or rat.
  • Sometimes they get bold, and they’re not afraid to show themselves.
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Rodent & Squirrel Removal

Small rodents should only ever be in your home or business when you invite them in. If you’re not selling them or keeping them as pets, they’re not welcome. Our pest control services include rat control and mice control.

An infestation of rats or mice isn’t just an annoyance. It can present a hygiene problem, which is unsafe for any home or business. If you think you have a rodent problem, getting rid of them needs to be your top priority. Perhaps you have attempted some methods already, such as setting out traps. However, DIY attempts to get an infestation under control aren’t always successful. You may also not have the time to deal with it yourself. That’s where we can come in, with our expert mouse and rat exterminator.

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Rodent Problem in London

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